Scout mom/den leader/ committee chair

Somehow someway I went from being a standard scout mom to the den leader, and then committee chair. Don’t give me wrong it’s an amazing adventure with our boys and I love every moment we share together but I will admit I have nightmares about popcorn.  And the popcorn nightmares won’t end for a while I just picked up our show and sell order. The order took up most the space in my truck and now it fills my sons room.

It all started when my oldest was in 1st grade and came home talking about shooting bb guns and bow and arrows. So we went to the meeting to see what it was about. The then cubmaster talked about the end of the year trip to Kennedy Space Center to camp under the space shuttle Atlantis. I told my son – I didn’t care if he wanted to join now because we were and we were going to go to the end of the year trip. (mom goals – camp under space shuttle check!)  The year was fun. As parents we just helped out and hung out while the boys learned. The trip to Kennedy was amazing. Sleeping under the Atlantis was so breath taking and well awesome!

So we show up to the first meeting of the 2nd grade year and the cubmaster comes up to us and says that we are so involved and helpful and that the other den leader left so they chose us to lead the wolf den. In scouts you get voluntold to help. I was skeptical but we did it and had a great group of kids. By their bear year we were in the groove and my husband stepped up to assistant cubmaster. WEBELOS year my youngest started as a tiger. The next two years flew by as my oldest finished up with cub scouts and crossed over to boy scouts.  But as a den leader it wasn’t only my son but all the other boys in my den that had been with me for years. They will always be my boys! I’m so proud of the young men they are becoming and hope that I did something right in their cub scouting adventure.

Now my youngest is a bear and I stepped up to the committee chair position to run the pack. Not sure how it all came to be me leading the pack but somehow here I am. Stacks of popcorn boxes fill my sons bedroom as we how each weekend to sell more and clear them out.

We returned to kennedy this last May as another end of the year trip 5 years later and it was just as awe inspiring as i remember it. And this go round I got to share it with my husband and youngest son as well as all the wonderful friends we have made through scouting.  The families that I have come in contact with through working with the scouts are now like family. I am happy we started this journey with my oldest and hope it continues on for many year.



MegaCon 2018

This past weekend we attended MegaCon in Orlando this is our fifth year attending. We only get to go one day with the convention being on memorial weekend which is sad because when we started going it was during spring break and we got to attend all three days. Memorial day weekend is just so crazy and hectic to begin with and then Orlando everything is going on memorial weekend in the hotel we stayed in alone there was a FAMU event, a wedding, a river dance competition and who knows what else it was crowded.IMG_7191

Our first year of MegaCon we went because I had been following Wil Wheaton’s blog and he was going to be there. Now I may or may not of had a crush on Wil Wheaton when I was younger so we went and we had a blast. Now here we are my boys are a little older and love to cosplay, I love to make cosplay and we love going to these events. Unfortunately like I said it’s not convenient to attend on memorial day weekend but we still pull stuff together so we can get there for one day which is never enough time to see everything and we always miss the busy day with all the great costumes.

We have met Wil Wheaton, of course, Stan Lee, part of the cast of Flash, part of the cast from firefly. Sat in on some wonderful panels met some great people we also got a picture with the late Adam west the Batmobile & Robyn. Felicia Day was one of my favorite to meet! Her kids come first policy was so surprising helpful and wonderful! She was so sweet and smiley! This year we got a picture with Jason Momoa which of course was awesome! We had hoped to meet Jeff Goldblum but he did not stay for Sunday, the only day we could make it. My 10 year old was heart broken! He loves Jurassic Park! Dressed as Owen from Jurassic world to meet him.

I do like that they now offer family passes which are helpful!

The artist that attend are amazing! I wish I had unlimited wall space for all the great art!

We didn’t get to go to any panels this year. In the past we have gone to Wil Wheaton’s panel and my youngest while waiting in line to get into that panel threw his captain America shield and almost tripped will Wheaton which I tweeted and he return the tweet saying he’s just doing his job as a cosplayer and trying to take the bad guy down was awesome!

Adam West panel was hilarious and entertaining and such a joy that we got to go to it. The firefly panel was fun and Alan Tudyk came out and sat in to the crowd in the very beginning and joked around and just seeing people be real and knowing they’re not just stuck on the screen is refreshing. Michael Rooker was also a great panel listen to his behind the scenes of walking dead and guardians he was just funny. We have also been lucky enough to sit in to some Cosplay panels on how to and stuff like that which were really informative.

If you’ve never been to a con I say you at least need to try it once! People are so creative and to see the effort and enthusiasm and love that they pour into the costumes it’s just inspiring.

More on my Plate

So I’m making myself get more crafty and pushing to make amazing things! I’m currently working on making staffs, skirts, more bracelets, stickers, mugs and glasses!

I just want to immerse myself in the crafty, nerdy section of life! It is so much more alive and fun that office work. 🙂 I feel energized working on my projects.

When I get all this rolling well I will start offering custom costumes & cosplay.  It is so enlightening and exhilarating to see the finished product. So far I’ve created many for my boys and won a few costume contests with them. Look forward to helping others look great!

Also want to start making these mermaid blankets. Love how this one turned out!


Saturday was the second Mandarin MiniCon. This time I set up a booth to sell & show off my bracelets. Non sold but my costumes were a hit. The boys dressed up as Hiccup (younger & older versions) and Adeline allowed me to dress her as Astrid! 

I made the younger hiccup a few years ago for MegaCon. Made the older Hiccup for this years MegaCon. Made Astrid’s costume last week! I have fallen in love with crafting costumes! I don’t know how to put myself out there to do costumes for others though! Working with Worbla is so rewarding! 


Getting things Done

a selection of my bracelets... Hulk, Storm themed and various beads.
a selection of my bracelets… Hulk, Storm themed and various beads.

I’ve tried to keep myself busy lately, besides getting the kids in school and working my regular job, i’ve been making 1-2 bracelets a night.

I want to keep them all! I’m loving these combinations but I’m upping stock to have a booth at the Mandarin MiniCon Oct 3rd.

This will be my first experience with booth sales and I’m a little nervous. I’ve updated my Etsy shop and created a photo website. When the last server dropped I never made a new one – didn’t have the time. So now I’m trying to catch back up with everything!

So visit  my web pages, and my etsy shop, let me know what you think!!!


Getting myself in gear

With the start of the school year and my youngest now in kindergarten, I have set goals!

Posting more is one of them, crafting, and photography are others! It is time to take back me! Not just time to be a mom (which I love being) but time to be me!