Well where has the time gone? I blink and Halloween is almost here. Luckly my boys have picked out their costumes… No theme this year, Xander is going to be Kai from Ninjago and Lucca an army man (i may color him green) They want me to dress as Nya from Ninjago – we will see!  I want to dress as Laura Croft but may save that for Megacon. 

I have had so many blogs written in my head but my desk is buried and not so easy to write at!  I need to start writing down my ideas! Christmas craze, Black friday madness, customer service, gifted, Infinity game, etc…  to just name a few Ideas :)

Currently my sons and i are watching Pirates of the Caribean because we just got the lego Pirates game and they are wanting to learn more about the characters :) 

So Off i am to spend time with my boys!

Where is the Customer Service Universal?

What a summer we are having! The last few weeks have seem like non stop going and doing! My son turned 6 last week and I had an entire week planned for him. His dad had a work meeting for 3 days in Orlando so we planned around that.  I’ve been planning this vacation since my husband received the dates for his meeting back in early June. We drove down to Orlando saturday night & stayed at a Hampton Inn off Hwy 27 & I4. My boys thought that was the greatest! Sunday we got up and arrived at Legoland as they opened! Check my other post for all the goodies on the day!!!

Monday my husband had to check into to his meeting at 4pm so we planned the morning til 2:30 at Universal Islands of Adventure. Currently we are reading the first Harry Potter book  and Xander was so excited to go to that section even though he has seen a couple of the movies – reading it brings a whole new level of excitement. We knew we couldn’t go to the Universal studios side because my husbands pass has blackout dates since most of the time he has to work during blackout times anyways but the boys and I have regular prefered passes. We have been annual passholders for 3 consecutive years, plus on & off for 3 more before I had my boys. Image

We have always loved Universal & encourage friends and family to go their over other parks in the city. Big Universal supporter so imagine my surprise when my husbands pass said “BLOCKED” and he was told to go to guest services to resolve what ever issue caused the block. The universal guy standing at the entrance to the line asked what we needed so he could direct us properly. We explained what just happened and he said oh your pass is a power pass well you are blocked til next week. I informed him the website said only Studios was blacked out and he said it doesn’t matter what that says the parks mirror each other. That made me mad that the website would post incorrect blackout info. Though that turned out not to be the case, the worker was just ill-informed and didn’t seem concerned to have the correct info.

When we got to the window the employee checked the pass, she informed us that his pass had been canceled due to non-payment. I had forgotten that because he did not come to the park with us when I first got our passes his was purchased on a different card. That card was stolen in the spring and canceled. Upon receiving the new card we forgot the pass had been paid from it. The woman informed me that we were notified which I did not get any notification that there was a nonpayment on the pass. No email, snail mail or call. I’ve gotten other member info fliers and such in the mail but nothing informing me that the pass was about to be canceled.

Ok so all aside I asked her what we had to do to get current with his pass so we could enjoy our day. My son’s birthday outing with his dad before his dad had to go to work. This day had been planned for a while and now we were being told we couldn’t.

She checked the account and said because of the pass being canceled we would have to start all over with the down-payment on a new pass plus we would owe the back payment for the last pass. So to enter the park it would cost us $148.00. I could have walked away and to a ticket counter & purchased a day pass for $92 plus with my annual passholder discount. I tried to explain the situation but the woman said so sorry there is nothing she could do. Xander and my sister (who had also gotten a pass for the day) were already inside waiting on us. I asked again was there any other option and she said no we had to pay the back pay and the $100 to start a new pass. I was in tears – this was for my sons 6 birthday and now the day was ruined! I didn’t have $148 budgeted in for the park. So I ran in to take Xander to get a butterbeer and let him get something from the candy store in the Harry Potter section and we left not to return as I had planned the rest of our trip.

Since they were unwilling to work with us we went to the Lego Store at downtown Disney & let Xander spend his birthday money there. I’m still in deep thought on if I want to continue my sons and my own passes. If Universal cares so little about its customers that spend money to return again and again to their park then why do I bother?

I am extremely upset about the whole ordeal! A friend had a similar thing happen at Disney and they let them in anyways… Talk about a difference in customer service!

What would you do?


Lego Addict

Hello, my name is Susie and I’m a Lego addict! I can’t help myself, luckily my boys enjoy them as much as me!


We have many set and many many mini figures! I’m obsessed about making sure that I get the whole set for each mini figure series, we have 7-10 completed (except for mr. gold in set 10 :( ) My husband and I have built 2 Lego tables and 6 frame shelves for mini figures. At first it was just one table in the corner now they are on 3 tables in 2 rooms :) and I can’t stop. Unfortunately I got into the game late (started with regular Legos last summer when my son turned 5, we had Duplos before that) I missed out on all the Harry Potter Legos which made me very sad, also wanted the large space shuttle Lego set to hang next to my Space Camp group photo but missed that also! It’s the little things, makes me sad!!!

I’m not sure why I find them so addicting, I don’t build them really. I help my boys organize the parts and just set up what is needed for each page. I guess I’m the Lego contractor overseeing the build :). I love watching my sons play, they get so creative and the stories they create while they play are awesome and funny! If I could video tape no stop I would.

We play almost all the Lego video games, I play the Harry Potter Lego games on my iPad and my boys play StarWars, Batman, Indiana Jones on the Xbox. I LOVE the Lego movie “The Adventures of Clutch Powers” wish they would continue the story and go in search of his dad! We also Have the “Batman” & Starwars” Lego movies. You could say we are a Lego family. My husband has his set of video games he plays with friends though the other night when I asked him who he gamed with he said he didn’t play his games he played the Lego Batman game instead. So it’s not just me :) Also we have the Lego movie app on the iPhone/iPad and are trying our hand at making movies. Got my 10 yr old nephew into it also, he isn’t doing bad at all! I have him publishing his on YouTube. Zombie Attack

To add to that next weekend we are going to go down to Legoland Florida. My sons are overly excited. My oldest turns 6 in 2 weeks so it is for his birthday. We can’t wait. I wish they had the hotel here also like in California that would be amazing! Hopefully one day. I’m looking forward to walking through all the shops and seeing everything! I will be taking my big camera, have to get pictures of all the amazing builds! What I can’t decide is if we want to go ahead and buy an annual pass or just do the day, with free kids.

So tonight I’m thinking about letting my boys build another set, yes we have a few unbuilt sets and a list of ones I want. The Family that builds Legos together has a great time :)

I hope to photo document our trip to Legoland :) stay tuned for the trip!


The shelf we build for Misc mini figures from build sets :)…

Tired and losing energy fast!

Energy – How do I get more? Between trying to keep up with my 2 boys working a part-time early morning job and housework, I have none! I guess getting to bed in a timely manner & getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at night would help. Also losing the 10 lbs that I’ve added onto myself in the last year would probably help also. But both of those Ideas are easier said than done.

First I get into bed between 11-12 at night to get up between 3:30 & 4 most mornings. My oldest goes to bed at 8 & my younger one fights it some nights till 9-10 pm then my husband & I have some quiet time to catch up on such shows like “Walking Dead” “Game of Thrones” or “True Blood. (all of which are currently residing in multiples on our DVR except for just one GOT episode.) So when I get home at 11 am in the morning I’m exhausted and take a nap if my 3 yr old lets me.

My goal is to try to find some energy by hopping on the treadmill 3-4 times a week. With the help of ZombiesRun app I don’t mind running. This post is mainly to keep me accountable!!!  I’ve run today! Lets hope I can keep it up! Grad season is coming up & I will be adding a second job to my already busy schedule!

Staring at a live feed… (Late post)

As happens once or twice a year, here I sit staring at a live blog feed for the apple event. Every year more info and photos are leaked. So the actual event is not as exciting as it use to be! Of course it isn’t the same without Steve Jobs on stage and they haven’t done the “One More Thing” in years but the excitement of not knowing is gone. I admit I’m just as guilty as the next person reading the gosip headlines, but I don’t like all this leaking info!

That being said I have never missed and keynote or event and even with all the speculations out there I watch the feed like a giddy school girl!!!

Firefly cos-play cast

we attended Megacon 2013 in Orlando. My 5 yr old dressed as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. While wondering the con floor we ran into other dressed as firefly. They had to have a picture with mini Capt Reynolds.They said he was a better capt than theirs! We had a great time! everyone loved mini Capt!

Understanding Sales & companys… I don’t!

So this week one of my top 3 authors had a new book come out. I was at Target when I saw the book. I am big in supporting actual store front bookstores because my area has lost 2 in the last few years. I go 3-4 times a month to the Barnes & Noble down the street and buy books for my boys. Went to Borders even more when they were open. My husband picks on me because if i have money I buy books. I don’t see that as a bad habit :) Especially with my boys – If I’m going to spoil them let it be with books!

Anyways I went out of my way to go to Barnes & Noble on my way home. I checked my email and saw the book listed there in the up to 40% off listing for new arrivals, showing $16.99 under it. I get to the store and It is only 20% the other price is the online ordering price. I say something to the cashier about the difference in prices. He says they sell it cheaper on the website because the books there doesn’t have to cover the overhead of a store or sales person to help me. But if I want it at the online price he can place the order at the register and have it shipped to me (which I get shipping for free because I’m a member) so how is that good business? Why not just sell it to me in store at the online price since I am a member and save them having to pay shipping. It is just confusing. And because it made me made that they have multiple prices (saw 4 different listings of price when he pulled up the book on his computer) I think I’m just going to go back to Target and buy the book.

I need it and really want to read it but I am not going to wait to have it shipped I have decided and I’m not going to buy it at Barnes and Noble. They need to change their system. I don’t shop for books at Amazon anymore unless I just can’t find it anywhere. I want the bookstore to survive! My kids and I love going to hang out, have a beverage, play and get books. I just don’t like their new system trying to keep up with Amazon. I understand it a little but not matching the price when I get the shipping for free anyways is silly.

Ok enough about my soapbox…

If you want a good series to read check out Kim Harrison‘s  Hollows series which starts with “Dead Witch Walking” great reads!  I’m headed to Target now to buy the latest book in the series “Ever After” and check out her blog


Just had my first MRI and it is not an experience I want to have again anytime soon!

The whole dr appointment lasted about as long as it took me this morning to remove all my piercings. I new I was a little claustrophobic but wow I was sweating and so ready to push that little button! To save me I started singing Mary had a little lamb in my head. Now I sang this all the time to my boys when rocking them. I couldn’t think of the works amidst all the noise! I could get out the first then the MRI noise sounded like it was just repeating LAMB LAMB LAMB LAMB and I couldn’t think of anything else. My finger stayed on the panic button as I fought to sing simple nursery ryhmns. The second pass I still heard LAMB LAMB LAMB in the machine but i also heard DIET DIET DIET then the t dissappeared and DIE DIE DIE DIE was all i heard inbetween LAMB DIE LAMB DIE… The last pass I heard BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA. Finally I was done and the tech said I did great that he was impressed. I just was happy I survived my 15 minutes of solitude! I can handle semi small spaces, been in elevators in Italy, but don’t wrap me up and make me lay still inside a tube for 15 minutes again please!!!

Now to wait and see what the results say. I went in for headaches and arm pain. I also have my first go at physical therapy today. It is an interesting day! On the plus side we are getting all the christmas decorations out of the attic today.