To blog or not to blog

Writing…. That is the hard part! In my head I can plan it all out and have so much to say but when I sit down to the computer it slips away!

My favorite author Laurel K. Hamilton says the key to writing is to write. I know that sounds redundant but to make writing easier you need to write all the time. Blogs, notes, letters etc! So here goes nothing. I am going to try to write and update and put down my thoughts on paper (WordPress :-D).

I want to get back into writing since i started a writing a story in 10th grade and I’ve never finished it. Of course it is now so 5 minutes ago because I was writing a story about vampires. Almost 20 years ago there wasn’t that many and now you can’t walk into the bookstore without running into a vampire book. Don’t get me wrong I love reading supernatural stories. But wow and the explosion of stories. So even if it never gets published I would at least like to finish it, so I can say I did. The ending is all in my head just waiting to get out, I just don’t make time to sit down and write. So here is to being creative and productive.


One thought on “To blog or not to blog

  1. Hamilton is right. You need to just write. I have procrastinated for so long and now I know that if I don’t get started, I never will. And starting a blog is the best way to practice. I use my blog to work on my spelling and grammar. Feel free to check it out and comment! I also love the supernatural. My first book project is going to be in the dark fantasy/supernatural genre. I also have a Facebook business page:

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