I guess I am doing something right. Both my boys like eating healthy. Salads are a regular dinner item at our house. It does help that we have a small garden and are growing tomatoes and banana peppers. The littlest doesn’t eat lettuce much yet but will devour tomatoes and cucumbers. The 4-year-old likes his salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peas. He also eats the banana peppers like they are going out of style.

So when companies give you chances for coupons or free samples of something you regularly consume it is great!

I signed up for Vocalpoint and they are sending me a coupon for a free bag. Yum.

I can’t wait! Summer and salad are wonderful things.  I have been trying to change-up our menu a little more lately and not make the same thing week after week. The one thing that doesn’t get old is fresh food and salad is that! The other night my older boy told me all he wanted to eat for dinners was salad no other stuff mommy! What can I say to that! I love my little guys!



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