Not doing so great

So it isn’t going as great as I planned to write more. I think maybe tomorrow, no tomorrow or maybe the next day…

My youngest thinks when I sit down at the computer that means he gets to crawl in my lap and play. Hard to type and think when I have a 17 mo. old trying to control the mouse and add his own thoughts to my typing. 😀 So instead my mind has been living in its own world when I’m driving or folding laundry. Wish one of the voice typing programs worked really well I could write all day.

So instead of writing lately I’m trying to get organized. I worked at a photo lab for 7 years and developed many many many rolls of film. I have so many boxes of photos laying around I may never get to look at them all. Plus I am trying to salvage much of my mothers photos. They had a house fire back 2 weeks before Christmas and the room with all the memories sustained the most damage. I have 7 reels of slides that survived (only one is slightly melted though the slides are ok) and 3 or 4 scorched albums of photos that I need to go through and carefully peel the plastic off the photos. Then I want to archive it all for my mom. Give her a hard drive of photos for Christmas this year!!!  I need a new scanner though! My dream scanner is the Epson Expression 10000XL – Photo Scanner. I was hoping to buy one from a scrapbook store that went out of business last year. No go though so now I need to figure out how to earn some money and get my baby. 🙂 I have so much to scan that I would probably be attached to it for a very long time. A girl can dream though. I will have to settle for a smaller less fantastic scanner until money falls from the sky. I have only used Epson scanners since I left the photo store where we had a beautiful Microtek. So along with organizing photos and archiving them I need to pull out my scrapbook stuff I haven’t used in years and get that straightened up. A new store just opened up and they have a great cropping area! Want to go get creative there. I figure any creativeness is better than none!

Also on the agenda is planning my other son’s 4th birthday party. Cars is the theme this year after tossing up the idea of super hero squad & Toy Story, he finally made his decision. I think I am going to go get the Cars2 cookie cutters from William Sonoma and let the kids decorate their own cookies 🙂 I also want the pancake molds, apron and maybe the cake mold not sure yet.

I should go clean and organize now for tomorrow is a trip to the zoo. Of course it would be great to win this Britax B-Ready stroller from . My Peg is getting worn out after 4 years of use and the double I have is just to big and not needed at the zoo.  The Britax is cute and has great organization on the bottom! So awesome!

Happy days to all 🙂


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