Getting out of the funk!

It is not as easy as people want to make you believe! I have been in a creative funk for a while. I keep having wonderful ideas and things swim around in my brain all the time but getting them out of there… Well that is the problem! Getting the energy and drive to do something! I so want to but when it comes down to it I don’t. UGH – how!  Getting up early now with my little guy in VPK and by 2 I’m exhausted. With coffee I feel a little better and my brain starts all the planning but after rocking the youngest to sleep for his nap I’m falling asleep myself.

I know I need to make myself stay up and get productive, the ideas aren’t working so I need another drive!

I did manage to pull out all my painting supplies from college. They are only about 8 or so years old and all the paint is still good. So now I need to find some images of what I want to paint. My Italy photos are going to be my inspiration I think for most my first projects. I still owe a good friend from college a painting I promised her. She always wanted something with a Tuscany flair, back then I wasn’t inspired but after my honeymoon in Italy well now that is all i think about painting 🙂

I may start simple – my favorite photo is the main photo I used for this blog!!! I love the shot. Should be a simple start.

Once I get back in the flow of painting I want to make my own canvases again. I like working on a large-scale than 16×20 and such so it is just easier to build what I want.  I also need to retrieve my painting from my mom that was damaged in the fire and redo it!

Ok plenty to do and think about! hopefully I can stay out of my own way! Night


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