Back to School


My oldest is about to turn 5 in the next week. 2 times I have tried to go register him for school. I know I’m new at this and shouldn’t get frustrated so easily.

The first time we didn’t have his birth certificate, so I just picked up all his paperwork and went home after asking some questions to make it easier when we came back. The lady helping us was friendly and helpful. Fast forward to last Monday. With all paperwork filled out and in hand with all appropriate documents we got Xander all excited and went back in to register him. The lady at the front desk rolled her eyes and I thought I heard a sigh. I smiled and very enthusiastically said “hello – we are here to register for ” She grabbed my paperwork glanced at it, handed it back and told me that I would have to come back when he had his up to date check up. I said I know I will bring it in when he gets his check up. She just stared at me and then said you cannot register him until he has it.

Now maybe It is just me being a mom but this confused me. I have friends that have kids with birth dates in August after my sons and they have registered their kids as long as they bring in the paperwork as soon as they get their 5 year old check up. I was not allowed to even begin registration because my son has not has his 5 year old check up. I understand the need for immunizations etc and he has an appointment on the 13th (the earliest I could make the appointment to not interfere with the shots timetable) yet I cannot register my son.

Now maybe this lady was just having an off day, I don’t know what she has to do all day during the summer and maybe to many proud mama’s have entered her office that day and annoyed her. I don’t know but be nicer and maybe I wouldn’t have had such a problem with it. Don’t treat me like it is a nuisance to deal with me. If you don’t like your job – find another! I know plenty of people that would love to be in your shoes and would smile!!!

So I wait till my son has his check up on the 13th to register him for school that starts on the 20th! I feel like I’m rushing now. not a good feeling!




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