Chuggington Stack Your Track by Tomy

My boys are everything and most of what I do revolves around them! Recently I entered a contest on the TOMY Facebook page. Most things I enter are for my boy and I have won a few dvds and blue rays from Twitter but never anything off Facebook. I was in shock when i got the email that I had won week 2, and even happier when I opened a box to find two boxes of their new Stack your Track kits. Wilsons Wild Ride expansion pack & Stunt Brewster were the kits we received.

Opened the box and found 2 sets of track!

We are definitely a Chuggington household, both boys love trains especially the younger one. They screamed in excitement. I didn’t know they still had any energy left being we had just got done celebrating a weekend away for the oldest birthday. We immediately opened the boxes, started assembling the tracks. They were very easy to attach and didn’t fall apart easy. I love the concept of stacking up higher instead of taking up lots of floor space you can stack up higher and retain valuable floor space. I didn’t get enough to really try stacking much but love the hill the set did create. As I finished unpacking and attaching I found an extra piece and I got excited.

Adapter to hook old track to new ones! Genius!!!

It was an adapter to connect Chuggington’s old tracks for the die-cast trains to this new track, that was a great addition to the set, being the youngest got 3 track sets for his 2nd birthday. Now we have a big track with hills and bridges, jumps and curves. They boys love playing it and I love Chuggington. The track is now set up in the youngest room but both boys play with it. I hope to get more of the stacking parts of the track when they hit the stores, for fun and also I know what to get for christmas :). I can’t wait to see how well it works when stacked tall!

Thank you TOMY for letting us try out the Chuggington Stack Your Track before it was available! We love it!!

First time with track

Stunt Brewster reporting for duty

Traffic Jam

His favorite chugger is Puffer Pete

Ready for the Jump!


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