Just had my first MRI and it is not an experience I want to have again anytime soon!

The whole dr appointment lasted about as long as it took me this morning to remove all my piercings. I new I was a little claustrophobic but wow I was sweating and so ready to push that little button! To save me I started singing Mary had a little lamb in my head. Now I sang this all the time to my boys when rocking them. I couldn’t think of the works amidst all the noise! I could get out the first then the MRI noise sounded like it was just repeating LAMB LAMB LAMB LAMB and I couldn’t think of anything else. My finger stayed on the panic button as I fought to sing simple nursery ryhmns. The second pass I still heard LAMB LAMB LAMB in the machine but i also heard DIET DIET DIET then the t dissappeared and DIE DIE DIE DIE was all i heard inbetween LAMB DIE LAMB DIE… The last pass I heard BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA. Finally I was done and the tech said I did great that he was impressed. I just was happy I survived my 15 minutes of solitude! I can handle semi small spaces, been in elevators in Italy, but don’t wrap me up and make me lay still inside a tube for 15 minutes again please!!!

Now to wait and see what the results say. I went in for headaches and arm pain. I also have my first go at physical therapy today. It is an interesting day! On the plus side we are getting all the christmas decorations out of the attic today. 


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