Understanding Sales & companys… I don’t!

So this week one of my top 3 authors had a new book come out. I was at Target when I saw the book. I am big in supporting actual store front bookstores because my area has lost 2 in the last few years. I go 3-4 times a month to the Barnes & Noble down the street and buy books for my boys. Went to Borders even more when they were open. My husband picks on me because if i have money I buy books. I don’t see that as a bad habit 🙂 Especially with my boys – If I’m going to spoil them let it be with books!

Anyways I went out of my way to go to Barnes & Noble on my way home. I checked my email and saw the book listed there in the up to 40% off listing for new arrivals, showing $16.99 under it. I get to the store and It is only 20% the other price is the online ordering price. I say something to the cashier about the difference in prices. He says they sell it cheaper on the website because the books there doesn’t have to cover the overhead of a store or sales person to help me. But if I want it at the online price he can place the order at the register and have it shipped to me (which I get shipping for free because I’m a member) so how is that good business? Why not just sell it to me in store at the online price since I am a member and save them having to pay shipping. It is just confusing. And because it made me made that they have multiple prices (saw 4 different listings of price when he pulled up the book on his computer) I think I’m just going to go back to Target and buy the book.

I need it and really want to read it but I am not going to wait to have it shipped I have decided and I’m not going to buy it at Barnes and Noble. They need to change their system. I don’t shop for books at Amazon anymore unless I just can’t find it anywhere. I want the bookstore to survive! My kids and I love going to hang out, have a beverage, play and get books. I just don’t like their new system trying to keep up with Amazon. I understand it a little but not matching the price when I get the shipping for free anyways is silly.

Ok enough about my soapbox…

If you want a good series to read check out Kim Harrison‘s  Hollows series which starts with “Dead Witch Walking” great reads!  I’m headed to Target now to buy the latest book in the series “Ever After” and check out her blog http://kimharrison.wordpress.com


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