Tired and losing energy fast!

Energy – How do I get more? Between trying to keep up with my 2 boys working a part-time early morning job and housework, I have none! I guess getting to bed in a timely manner & getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at night would help. Also losing the 10 lbs that I’ve added onto myself in the last year would probably help also. But both of those Ideas are easier said than done.

First I get into bed between 11-12 at night to get up between 3:30 & 4 most mornings. My oldest goes to bed at 8 & my younger one fights it some nights till 9-10 pm then my husband & I have some quiet time to catch up on such shows like “Walking Dead” “Game of Thrones” or “True Blood. (all of which are currently residing in multiples on our DVR except for just one GOT episode.) So when I get home at 11 am in the morning I’m exhausted and take a nap if my 3 yr old lets me.

My goal is to try to find some energy by hopping on the treadmill 3-4 times a week. With the help of ZombiesRun app I don’t mind running. This post is mainly to keep me accountable!!!  I’ve run today! Lets hope I can keep it up! Grad season is coming up & I will be adding a second job to my already busy schedule!


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