Lego Addict

Hello, my name is Susie and I’m a Lego addict! I can’t help myself, luckily my boys enjoy them as much as me!


We have many set and many many mini figures! I’m obsessed about making sure that I get the whole set for each mini figure series, we have 7-10 completed (except for mr. gold in set 10 😦 ) My husband and I have built 2 Lego tables and 6 frame shelves for mini figures. At first it was just one table in the corner now they are on 3 tables in 2 rooms 🙂 and I can’t stop. Unfortunately I got into the game late (started with regular Legos last summer when my son turned 5, we had Duplos before that) I missed out on all the Harry Potter Legos which made me very sad, also wanted the large space shuttle Lego set to hang next to my Space Camp group photo but missed that also! It’s the little things, makes me sad!!!

I’m not sure why I find them so addicting, I don’t build them really. I help my boys organize the parts and just set up what is needed for each page. I guess I’m the Lego contractor overseeing the build :). I love watching my sons play, they get so creative and the stories they create while they play are awesome and funny! If I could video tape no stop I would.

We play almost all the Lego video games, I play the Harry Potter Lego games on my iPad and my boys play StarWars, Batman, Indiana Jones on the Xbox. I LOVE the Lego movie “The Adventures of Clutch Powers” wish they would continue the story and go in search of his dad! We also Have the “Batman” & Starwars” Lego movies. You could say we are a Lego family. My husband has his set of video games he plays with friends though the other night when I asked him who he gamed with he said he didn’t play his games he played the Lego Batman game instead. So it’s not just me 🙂 Also we have the Lego movie app on the iPhone/iPad and are trying our hand at making movies. Got my 10 yr old nephew into it also, he isn’t doing bad at all! I have him publishing his on YouTube. Zombie Attack

To add to that next weekend we are going to go down to Legoland Florida. My sons are overly excited. My oldest turns 6 in 2 weeks so it is for his birthday. We can’t wait. I wish they had the hotel here also like in California that would be amazing! Hopefully one day. I’m looking forward to walking through all the shops and seeing everything! I will be taking my big camera, have to get pictures of all the amazing builds! What I can’t decide is if we want to go ahead and buy an annual pass or just do the day, with free kids.

So tonight I’m thinking about letting my boys build another set, yes we have a few unbuilt sets and a list of ones I want. The Family that builds Legos together has a great time 🙂

I hope to photo document our trip to Legoland 🙂 stay tuned for the trip!


The shelf we build for Misc mini figures from build sets :)…


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