Tired and losing energy fast!

Energy – How do I get more? Between trying to keep up with my 2 boys working a part-time early morning job and housework, I have none! I guess getting to bed in a timely manner & getting more than 3-4 hours of sleep at night would help. Also losing the 10 lbs that I’ve added onto myself in the last year would probably help also. But both of those Ideas are easier said than done.

First I get into bed between 11-12 at night to get up between 3:30 & 4 most mornings. My oldest goes to bed at 8 & my younger one fights it some nights till 9-10 pm then my husband & I have some quiet time to catch up on such shows like “Walking Dead” “Game of Thrones” or “True Blood. (all of which are currently residing in multiples on our DVR except for just one GOT episode.) So when I get home at 11 am in the morning I’m exhausted and take a nap if my 3 yr old lets me.

My goal is to try to find some energy by hopping on the treadmill 3-4 times a week. With the help of ZombiesRun app I don’t mind running. This post is mainly to keep me accountable!!!  I’ve run today! Lets hope I can keep it up! Grad season is coming up & I will be adding a second job to my already busy schedule!


Staring at a live feed… (Late post)

As happens once or twice a year, here I sit staring at a live blog feed for the apple event. Every year more info and photos are leaked. So the actual event is not as exciting as it use to be! Of course it isn’t the same without Steve Jobs on stage and they haven’t done the “One More Thing” in years but the excitement of not knowing is gone. I admit I’m just as guilty as the next person reading the gosip headlines, but I don’t like all this leaking info!

That being said I have never missed and keynote or event and even with all the speculations out there I watch the feed like a giddy school girl!!!

Firefly cos-play cast

we attended Megacon 2013 in Orlando. My 5 yr old dressed as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. While wondering the con floor we ran into other dressed as firefly. They had to have a picture with mini Capt Reynolds.They said he was a better capt than theirs! We had a great time! everyone loved mini Capt!

Understanding Sales & companys… I don’t!

So this week one of my top 3 authors had a new book come out. I was at Target when I saw the book. I am big in supporting actual store front bookstores because my area has lost 2 in the last few years. I go 3-4 times a month to the Barnes & Noble down the street and buy books for my boys. Went to Borders even more when they were open. My husband picks on me because if i have money I buy books. I don’t see that as a bad habit 🙂 Especially with my boys – If I’m going to spoil them let it be with books!

Anyways I went out of my way to go to Barnes & Noble on my way home. I checked my email and saw the book listed there in the up to 40% off listing for new arrivals, showing $16.99 under it. I get to the store and It is only 20% the other price is the online ordering price. I say something to the cashier about the difference in prices. He says they sell it cheaper on the website because the books there doesn’t have to cover the overhead of a store or sales person to help me. But if I want it at the online price he can place the order at the register and have it shipped to me (which I get shipping for free because I’m a member) so how is that good business? Why not just sell it to me in store at the online price since I am a member and save them having to pay shipping. It is just confusing. And because it made me made that they have multiple prices (saw 4 different listings of price when he pulled up the book on his computer) I think I’m just going to go back to Target and buy the book.

I need it and really want to read it but I am not going to wait to have it shipped I have decided and I’m not going to buy it at Barnes and Noble. They need to change their system. I don’t shop for books at Amazon anymore unless I just can’t find it anywhere. I want the bookstore to survive! My kids and I love going to hang out, have a beverage, play and get books. I just don’t like their new system trying to keep up with Amazon. I understand it a little but not matching the price when I get the shipping for free anyways is silly.

Ok enough about my soapbox…

If you want a good series to read check out Kim Harrison‘s  Hollows series which starts with “Dead Witch Walking” great reads!  I’m headed to Target now to buy the latest book in the series “Ever After” and check out her blog http://kimharrison.wordpress.com


Just had my first MRI and it is not an experience I want to have again anytime soon!

The whole dr appointment lasted about as long as it took me this morning to remove all my piercings. I new I was a little claustrophobic but wow I was sweating and so ready to push that little button! To save me I started singing Mary had a little lamb in my head. Now I sang this all the time to my boys when rocking them. I couldn’t think of the works amidst all the noise! I could get out the first then the MRI noise sounded like it was just repeating LAMB LAMB LAMB LAMB and I couldn’t think of anything else. My finger stayed on the panic button as I fought to sing simple nursery ryhmns. The second pass I still heard LAMB LAMB LAMB in the machine but i also heard DIET DIET DIET then the t dissappeared and DIE DIE DIE DIE was all i heard inbetween LAMB DIE LAMB DIE… The last pass I heard BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA BAA. Finally I was done and the tech said I did great that he was impressed. I just was happy I survived my 15 minutes of solitude! I can handle semi small spaces, been in elevators in Italy, but don’t wrap me up and make me lay still inside a tube for 15 minutes again please!!!

Now to wait and see what the results say. I went in for headaches and arm pain. I also have my first go at physical therapy today. It is an interesting day! On the plus side we are getting all the christmas decorations out of the attic today. 

Chuggington Stack Your Track by Tomy

My boys are everything and most of what I do revolves around them! Recently I entered a contest on the TOMY Facebook page. Most things I enter are for my boy and I have won a few dvds and blue rays from Twitter but never anything off Facebook. I was in shock when i got the email that I had won week 2, and even happier when I opened a box to find two boxes of their new Stack your Track kits. Wilsons Wild Ride expansion pack & Stunt Brewster were the kits we received.

Opened the box and found 2 sets of track!

We are definitely a Chuggington household, both boys love trains especially the younger one. They screamed in excitement. I didn’t know they still had any energy left being we had just got done celebrating a weekend away for the oldest birthday. We immediately opened the boxes, started assembling the tracks. They were very easy to attach and didn’t fall apart easy. I love the concept of stacking up higher instead of taking up lots of floor space you can stack up higher and retain valuable floor space. I didn’t get enough to really try stacking much but love the hill the set did create. As I finished unpacking and attaching I found an extra piece and I got excited.

Adapter to hook old track to new ones! Genius!!!

It was an adapter to connect Chuggington’s old tracks for the die-cast trains to this new track, that was a great addition to the set, being the youngest got 3 track sets for his 2nd birthday. Now we have a big track with hills and bridges, jumps and curves. They boys love playing it and I love Chuggington. The track is now set up in the youngest room but both boys play with it. I hope to get more of the stacking parts of the track when they hit the stores, for fun and also I know what to get for christmas :). I can’t wait to see how well it works when stacked tall!

Thank you TOMY for letting us try out the Chuggington Stack Your Track before it was available! We love it!!

First time with track

Stunt Brewster reporting for duty

Traffic Jam

His favorite chugger is Puffer Pete

Ready for the Jump!

Back to School


My oldest is about to turn 5 in the next week. 2 times I have tried to go register him for school. I know I’m new at this and shouldn’t get frustrated so easily.

The first time we didn’t have his birth certificate, so I just picked up all his paperwork and went home after asking some questions to make it easier when we came back. The lady helping us was friendly and helpful. Fast forward to last Monday. With all paperwork filled out and in hand with all appropriate documents we got Xander all excited and went back in to register him. The lady at the front desk rolled her eyes and I thought I heard a sigh. I smiled and very enthusiastically said “hello – we are here to register for ” She grabbed my paperwork glanced at it, handed it back and told me that I would have to come back when he had his up to date check up. I said I know I will bring it in when he gets his check up. She just stared at me and then said you cannot register him until he has it.

Now maybe It is just me being a mom but this confused me. I have friends that have kids with birth dates in August after my sons and they have registered their kids as long as they bring in the paperwork as soon as they get their 5 year old check up. I was not allowed to even begin registration because my son has not has his 5 year old check up. I understand the need for immunizations etc and he has an appointment on the 13th (the earliest I could make the appointment to not interfere with the shots timetable) yet I cannot register my son.

Now maybe this lady was just having an off day, I don’t know what she has to do all day during the summer and maybe to many proud mama’s have entered her office that day and annoyed her. I don’t know but be nicer and maybe I wouldn’t have had such a problem with it. Don’t treat me like it is a nuisance to deal with me. If you don’t like your job – find another! I know plenty of people that would love to be in your shoes and would smile!!!

So I wait till my son has his check up on the 13th to register him for school that starts on the 20th! I feel like I’m rushing now. not a good feeling!



Something new

I’m trying something new something to keep busy… Making beaded wrap bracelets! It is actually calming to sit there and bead. Crafty Eclectic Arts is where I’m trying to sell them. If I do well great – if not I have a lot of gifts ready to give everyone 🙂 hope you like bracelets 🙂 hehehe 


Coffee to go

International Delight Iced Coffee is YUMMY! I know I work at a coffee house but when I’m home and lazy… Yes lazy, I don’t want to turn on my coffee pot and I’m no good at making ice coffee anyways! The International Delight Iced Coffee is perfect! When I’m about to run out the door with the boys – I pour a glass of of the mocha and the vanilla together. So yummy!

Thank you International Delight Iced Coffee for making this mom’s day easier!!!